The Cast

KAREN TELIHA as Bette Davis


Karen Teliha is a Bette Davis impersonator who portrayed Miss Davis in the First Day of Sale Ceremony in Hollywood, California for the Bette Davis stamp which was issued September 18, 2008. Karen is also a film and television veteran, with over 45 credited appearances.



Victoria Mills is a Mae West Impersonator who has gained notoriety due to her striking resemblance to Ms. West.  This is her on screen debut at Mae West.

TOMAS ARANA  as Stan Musgrove


Featured in over 40 productions from the US and Europe, this busy actor appeared in The Bodyguard, Hunt for Red October, LA Confidential, The Three-Legged Fox, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Bourne Supremacy, The Dark Knight Rises, and Gladiator, to name a few.

Tim Maculan as Vik Greenfield

Tim Maculan has sustained a career in theatre, film, television, voice overs and commercials for over 20 years.  he is best known professionally for his recurring role of the compassionate Father Jack in all five seasons of the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning HBO series Six Feet Under, and the acerbic, riotous Walter on the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning CBS comedy, Cybill.  Tim’s character earned a GLAAD media award nomination in 1997.  In and around his work on these two iconic television programs, Tim has guest starred in over 30 television shows including the critically acclaimed Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, The Drew Carey Show, Friends, Dharma and Greg, The Larry Sanders Show and even managed to put in two full seasons as Donald Grisswald on Aaron Spelling’s Love Boat: The Next Wave.

Dan Yanan as Glenn Shahan

Don is known for The Muppets, Zarkorr! The Invader, and Caged Heat 3000.  He portrays William Randolph Hearst in the IMAX film Hearst Castle: Building the Dream at the National Geographic Theatre at the Visitors Center at Hearst Castle.  He portrayed Gary Cooper at the First Day of Issue ceremony held at the Autrey Western Heritage Museum for the “Legends of Hollywood” Gary Cooper stamp.

Gary Kemp as Chuck Pollack

Gary Kemp was one of the leading actors in Ice Paen, playing a Russian World Champion skater, and later he was Steve Martin’s skating double in L.A. Story.  Gary has performed in over 50 professional ice shows around the world, and was the main feature in the commercial for “Snoopy’s Nutcracker.”  He is currently a professional skating coach at Toyota Sport Center in Los Angeles, California.

Brandon Larcom as Wes Wheadon


Brandon Michael Larcom, named in honor of his uncle, is an international and national champion ice skater, having portrayed star skaters in the motion picture The Comebacks (2007).  Brandon is an an outstanding all-around athlete: swimmer, diver, BMX, and other snow sports, having grown up in the snow and ice of Minnesota.  An entrepreneur and creator of home fitness equipment, he currently coaches ice skating in Los Angeles.  Brandon had his first break as an actor in the Walt Disney film Iron Will at the age of 9.  Now a veteran in the the field, he has acted in numerous films and starred in dozens of national and international television and magazine ad campaigns.